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Free 10 Part Video Series--Stretches for Work

I’ve put together the easiest, most effective stretches to do at work, whenever your neck or back feels tight or sore. Feel better, be more productive, quickly!

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The Story Behind The Posture Program

As a Functional Movement Specialist, I was seeing clients coming in already in pain.

My primary work as an FMS was to get people in shape, but I was shocked to see how many people who were otherwise in good health who could not even do simple exercises because of posture problems.

In my training, it was clear that strengthening people with bad alignment was strengthening dysfunction. I had to get my clients into alignment before I could even think about building muscle or getting them in shape.

After working with hundreds of people with very similar issues, I realized that I needed to have a workshop to teach the basics. In my Group Classes, I made it mandatory to take this workshop so that my clients could get the most out of the Program. It became so much easier for people to get in shape, and the bonus was that all of my clients were delighted to find that they felt much better ALL DAY--and they could use my stretches and alignment at work, too!


My Workshops were so popular that I decided to put them on video, and The Posture Program was born!

Since then, the raving reviews I get convinced me that I needed to get this out wider--and pilates instructors, yoga instructors, and massage therapists began using my program with their clients as well.

I'm delighted that so many people have benefited from this program, and I hope you will join us!

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