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Free 10 Part Video Series--Stretches for Work

I’ve put together the easiest, most effective stretches to do at work, whenever your neck or back feels tight or sore. Feel better, be more productive, quickly!

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See What People Have to Say About The Posture Program

"I Was In So Much Pain I Was Contemplating Quitting My Job" Lisa's and her program came right on time in my life! Literally, I was in so much pain that I was contemplating either quiting or drastically reducing my work hours. The Posture Program for me has helped from my ability to work to being on the road for hours driving. Since completing her program I can now see how my poor habits of posture and not stretching was having an impact on my quality of life. My body thanks Lisa for pursuing her passion in not letting people suffer in pain due to poor posture. You don't have to go through what I did, avoid it now and get with the program!

Varsha Patel-Taylor

"I Could Have Saved Thousands in Chiropractor Bills"

I love The Posture Program—it is worth every cent, and then some! Lisa provides a menu of stretches and fascia work that literally stretch and align the entire body from head to toe. I feel certain that, if I’d had this program five years ago, I’d have saved my body from two major injuries (and thousands of dollars in chiropractic bills)! The content is organized into short bites and really easy to fit into a busy schedule, too. If you play sports or just want to maintain a healthy body throughout your life, I cannot recommend The Posture Program more highly."  

Shannon Marie


"A True Diamond of a Course"

I've been troubled for a long time by the problems brought on by spending too many years working at a desk (I'm in my seventies) and The Posture Program has turned out to be a diamond of a course for me. In it, Lisa reveals her very comprehensive techniques for righting the wrongs of poor posture. It is all here in one course. even including a daily routine to gain and keep full and easy joint mobility. My back feels easier and - for the first time in years - I can actually feel how loose and free my body movements are becoming. The way I walk, move and bend now (more like a younger person) is something that has been commented upon by others who don't know that I am using these techniques. In fact I am so pleased about the results I am getting that I'm starting to refer to Lisa's method as being "My Secret Weapon" for a happier and a more active life. I recommend this five star course to anyone who wants to shed stiffness in their limbs and who wants to enjoy a new lease of freedom for themselves.

David Ed Wilkes

"Don't Suffer With Pain Any Longer"

Lisa is a phenomenal teacher with a deep understanding of body mechanics and simple, effective and quick exercises we can do to relieve pain. I have integrated her exercises into my life and my body thanks me daily for it! If you have back or neck pain, or aches and pains in general, the posture  program is the perfect remedy to get you feeling better quickly. I cannot recommend this program or Lisa more, don’t suffer with pain any longer!

Sherri Hayter

"Practical Means to a Healthier Body"

Lisa Wolfe is a phenomenal teacher! She knows her anatomy like none other and she has a way of helping you really understand why it's so important to use the skills she teaches. This program is a powerful way to gain practical means to a healthier body.

Lynn Louise Wonders

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