Free Video Series: Easy Stretches for work

Free 10 Part Video Series--Stretches for Work

I’ve put together the easiest, most effective stretches to do at work, whenever your neck or back feels tight or sore. Feel better, be more productive, quickly!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconI'm not athletic. Will this be too hard for me?

    No! The stretches, exercises, and self massage in The Posture Program can be done by anyone. This is not a video with an impossibly fit person doing impossible things as if it’s nothing. I use easy, effective techniques that ANYONE can use.

    In fact, this is a great way to get started before you try ANY exercise program…it will get your body into alignment and your joints loose, so that you won’t hurt yourself if you do decide to take up yoga, weight training, or anything else. There are even early morning stretches and pre-workout stretches which get you ready for exercise or just a busy day.

  • q-iconI'm athletic. Will this be too easy/ineffective?

    No! The Posture Program is an re-alignment program. That means that exercises you already do will be MORE effective because your posture is better; the technique will allow you to stretch out tight muscles and do MORE in the gym. Plus, aches and pains you may be feeling every day will be lessened; our sedentary culture is to blame, so even if you spend 10 hours a week in the gym, it doesn’t make up for the 40 hours you’re behind a desk!

    The pre-workout stretches and activations get your body ready for any workout, maximizing your benefit, and the post-workout stretches are a great way to cool down.

  • q-iconWill I have to spend hours a day doing this work?

    No. The best thing about The Posture Program is that it gives you tools you can incorporate into your everyday life. You will not have to adhere to a certain schedule; and many of the techniques, such as foam rolling, can be done while you’re doing other activities such as watching TV.

    The Posture Program makes it easy to feel better and gently change habits, without embarking on a rigorous program you’ll abandon in a few weeks because it’s too time-consuming.

  • q-iconWhat Equipment Will I Need?

    Most of the videos show exercises and stretches that can be done with just a mat; the driving posture and work posture sections use items commonly used during these activities, such as a desk or a car door. The section on Foam Rolling and Fascia Work require a standard Foam Roller, and two tennis balls in a sock.

  • q-iconWhat does posture have to do with mood and hormones?

    The way that your body is held influences your metabolism, mood and more.

    Studies have shown that a slumped posture can drain energy and even prevent you from losing weight! A

    nd of course, having back and neck pain creates enormous stress on your central nervous system.

  • q-iconHow quickly will I see results?

    Many of the modifications taught by the series can be put into practice immediately and can cause immediate relief.

    Stretching and foam rolling can immediately alleviate pain; users have reported that nagging aches are eased quickly.

    In order to change the habits that cause poor posture and tight muscles, the video series is presented so that you can make changes gradually, getting used to the new ways of holding your body.

    The more the program is used, the quicker the results…and the less likely pain will return!

  • q-iconWill I need to watch the whole video every day?

    You’ll want to watch the videos once or twice to familiarize yourself with the stretches; most people can then use the PDF guides, so that exercises can be done at the gym, in the office, or anywhere!

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